Saturday, July 23, 2005

It made me laugh...

After due deliberation, I concluded that St James (and pilgrimage) might make a good peg on which to hang this month's service at the Home for Confused Elderly People, since tomorrow is the eve of his feast day. I accordingly searched online for a few facts and legends and found quite a useful article here. Feeling idle and uncreative, I decided to copy it into a Word file to play around with later and discovered that, rather eccentrically, the links that appear in the article transcribe themselves in Word as brief definitions in brackets immediately before the word to which they refer,- a bit confusing, but manageable when once you get used to it.
Manageable, that is, till you reach this memorable example of the way computers just don't think.

"he was henceforth called Matamoros (Open land usually with peaty soil covered with heather and bracken and moss) Moor-slayer."

Is that racism or devastation of the natural habitat, then?? Either way, perhaps not the ideal story of the saint to share tomorrow!

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