Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Kathryn needs....."

one more volunteer

to stop talking so much

to be self motivated

to go down for her
first nap 3 hours after wakening


a little push in the right direction

to know ASAP

to know what is happening


someone who is going to give her a lot of attention and love

This perceptive list was the result of typing "[name] needs" into google, as suggested by Maggi, and then blogging the first 10 entries. Given the apposite nature of items 2, 3 and 6 at this precise moment, I won't pause to say any more, but it did make me giggle. Have a try too, if you're engaged in Saturday procrastination!


Caroline said...

ok you got me!

Kathryn said...

well, at least this means I have some idea of what is happening in one corner of my world at least!
But I do, def, need to stop talking and get some sleep...on at 8.00 tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

ok - so, mine turned out to be hilarious!
you may not get it all, but you can check my list out at


Emily said...

Doesn't every clergyperson need one more volunteer? I thought this was a serious list when I saw the first line!

Dr Moose said...

What could a Moose need? To use the yellow pages and call the store in advance, apparently...

There's more. A smile raiser. Thanks.