Friday, November 04, 2005

Reformation Revelation!

OK...perhaps I really do need to do some more work on the Reformation,as apparently I have an unexpected kindred spirit here.

Philip Melachthon
You are Philip Melancthon, author of the Augsburg
Confession and colleague of Luther at
Wittenberg. You were the most prominent among
the Lutheran theologians seeking reconciliation
with the Catholic Church.

Which 16th century theologian are you?
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Regular readers will have deduced that I'm in evasive mode again... I didn't think I had any teaching to prepare for this weekend, but slightly crossed lines of communication mean that I'm now topping and tailing a sketch on prayer for this month's OpenHouse "Hotline to God". If anyone out there has brilliant ideas on how to communicate the essentials of prayer to a mixed bag of parents and children in not more than 3 minutes, I would so love to hear them!


Mumcat said...

I ended up as Thomas Cranmer. That's a relief. At least I've heard of him!

Lorna said...


prayer is communicate. Babies and kids learn by spending time with their mum and dad, watching and listening. That's an essential ingredient to prayer too.

see-through faith said...



Purechristianithink said...

Another Melancthon here. Go figure!

stuart said...

I ended up the same as you. See for once we are closer than we think!

Abby said...

My favorite: TIP.
Thanksgiving, Intercession, Praise.
I've heard of other more complicated acronyms, but this simple one is still the one I use for my pastoral prayers.
Helps keep balance in personal prayers too.