Friday, November 04, 2005

Kind of exciting

This autumn, both Darling Daughter and her mother are published.
She has contributed to an anthology of writing from Beth Webb’s students at (I’ve blogged in the past here about the special place Kilve has in her life, and will doubtless blog more about the book when it arrives: the kids have organised e publication themselves, so hard facts aren't easy to get hold of, but I'm assured that it will be available in time for Christmas...). Judging by the work I’ve heard from L. and her friends, there will be lots included that is well worth reading, so do let me know if you might like a copy!

Meanwhile, I have a couple of entries in the revgalsblogpals Advent Devotional…..and I would really encourage you to order this if you are remotely inclined that way, as all profits will go towards the disaster relief work for the victims of hurricane Katrina (inspired by revgal, St Casserole, who is based in the disaster zone). There are some very talented women writing there and I’m looking forward to reading their work.

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Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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