Friday, January 20, 2006

Enough of all this theology...

Teddy, the three-legged pirate cat demonstrates that inaction speaks far louder than words.
He is, incidentally, aware that this chair is not ideal for his colouring, but has thus far been unable to determine whether he looks better on the navy sofa in the sitting room, or the blue-grey in the study, and finds the process of considering this nearly as exhausting as contributing to the recent debates here.

Additional post-script for the benefit of any Real Live Pirates visiting
We did for one brief but glorious period have not one but two pirate cats...Teddy with his peg-leg and Vanessa, with her one eye (though attempts to persuade her to wear a patch were sadly unsuccessful). Both, of course, were full-time bucklers of swash, as well as ruling the Fleming family with an iron paw. I just thought you might like to know!


brother terry said...

Three Legged?

Maybe you could carve him a little pirate peg leg!



Paul said...

We had a most rascally piratical one eyed cream persian called Basil. He was the noisiest cat in the world and he only knew one word: "NOW". We got him from the now defunct persian cat rescue, but, sadly, he succumbed to kidney failure only a couple of years after we got him.

He has been replaced by "Boots" a very lovely golden persian, and now his little brother Ollie as well, who sits between the keyboard and the monitor and chases the mouse pointer.

If ever there was a cat in need of eye-patch and red spotted bandana it was Basil.



peripateticpolarbear said...

a most excellent cat!