Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Birthday L!

My gorgeous girl is 19 today...She had the day off work, and by a happy serendipity I have no preaching committments tomorrow (another training day) so we've been shopping, shopping, SHOPPING!
She now has a lurvely new hat, a gift from her brother (L takes after her mother in being a hat-o-holic), 2 pairs of shoes
(1 from the Sally Army shop, where I also ran mildly amock in the book department, snaffling 4 books I really did want to read for the massive sum of £1) a bag, a top and a beaming smile. We've also chosen the most eccentric meal for a long long time...mainly Chinese, majoring on crispy duck pancakes, but followed by chocolate caterpillar cake and marshmallows - oh, and chocolate soldier skittles, complete with chocolate ball with which to send them flying. Must's party time!


Serena said...

Hope L had a lovely birthday! Also impressed with the birthday cake - I had a Dougal in honour of watching Magic Roundabout at Greenbelt in the summer :) You're never too old for novelty birthday cakes!

Love to all!

cheesehead said...

Beautiful girls run in our RGBP family, don't they?

Songbird said...

Yes, the beautiful girls certainly do!
Happy Birthday to her!