Saturday, August 19, 2006

[Almost] anything to oblige a friend

WonderfulVicar is away this weekend, so things have been decidedly manic,- today featuring a wedding and 4 baptisms (3 daughters and 1 dad...which I am more thrilled about than is reasonable!), tomorrow celebrating at both Eucharists, another Baptism and a vaguely alternative Evening Prayer (for which I still have no sermon) and then on Monday 2 funerals in swift succession. Currently I'm high as a kite on it all. The wedding was the first I've seen through all the way from initial enquiry (on BOXING DAY!!! what else might clergy do with their lives, after all?) to the Marriage service...and I've become very fond of the couple, and their families and friends. As for the Baptism - the Dad in question was the guy I blogged about here, whose view has changed from complete opposition to baptism for his children to the wonder of today. It was the most enormous privilege to be part of his journey, and theirs. Just wonderful, really.

However, all that prevents me from any sensible blogging,- so instead the lovely C has requested and required (see, I've been held up at airports, and reduced to reading the front of my passport) that I revisit the Four Meme, which I suspect I may have already played a wee while back...
All goes to prove that these exercises are utterly pointless and even more ephemeral than most of my blogging, but just for her (and Cal, and anyone else subjected to the process);/./

Four jobs I have had in my life
1. amusement arcade cashier
2. TEFL teacher
3. bookseller
4. piano teacher (oh how I HATED that one)

Four Movies I have watched over and over;
1. Truly, Madly, Deeply
2. The African Queen
3. The Snowman (what else do people do while recovering from Christmas lunch, before it’s time for prezzies?)
4. Notting Hill (one of those things about having a teen aged daughter…)

Four places I have lived:
1. St Leonards-on-Sea
2. Cambridge
3. London SW11
4. Great Rissington

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Inspector Morse (yes, I know he’s dead…doesn’t make any difference)
2. Holby/Casualty
3. Miss Marple (Joan Hickson version)
4. The Clangers!

Four places I have been on vacation
1. Connemara
2. Italy
3. Denmark
4. Cyprus

Four of my favourite foods
2.gravad lax amazing Venetian black spaghetti dish made with cuttlefish, whose name I can’t remember
4.pad namman hoi with prawns and broccoli (sadly, TTG failed to learn to cook this while in Thailand – waste of money her going, clearly ;-))

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. The Llan (favourite retreat spot)
2. Gillan (the bit of Cornwall we visited a couple of weeks ago)
3. In Thailand with TTG
4. Venice

So there you have it, Kathryn hung, drawn and above all quartered.
If anyone who's not already done so wants to play,- let me know and I'll come and read your responses.


Michelle said...

Isn't that baptism journey absolutely wonderful - it's those moments that make it all worthwhile!
I think I fancy playing the four thing!

Michelle said...

I can't believe it - I just sat and typed out the four thing on my blog and went to save it and got disconnected - so lost the lot! That is SO annoying...!! Have promised TeenSon a few games of cards, so I'll decide after that if I can face doing it all again!