Friday, August 18, 2006

Slow learners

We visited this cliff-top statue, a replica of the more famous ones in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, fairly early in the week. From land it is quite impressive, and the pools of melted wax from votive candles left around the base is very moving, a reminder of who knows how many heart felt prayers...We imagined what a wonderful sight it must be when viewed from the sea, with Christ's open arms welcoming home fishermen weary from storm and danger.
On our penultimate day, though, we went on a boat trip ourselves, and were disappointed at how very small and insignificant the figure of Christ seemed from the water.
He seemed to be in the wrong place, too. Not even at the edge of the cliff.
Then TW pointed out that we were all making the same old mistake again,- demanding an imposing Saviour, whose majesty is evident and unmissable...and not the God who arrived in our world almost unnoticed, and whose glory came on a cross.

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Songbird said...

That's a beautiful reminder. Love your pictures!