Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Day

Apparently today is blog day 2006...(you see, I learn new things every single time I visit Jonny's site!)

In honour of this auspicious day in the calendar (and I'm still wondering what FabBishop's take on it would be) all bloggers are invited to link to 5 blogs they haven't mentioned before

To be honest, I've rather lost track as I do so much magpie blogging..So, I'm simply interpretting this as linking in a post to 5 blogs that don't appear on my sidebar, and aren't included via the RevGals webring.
This narrows my scope somewhat, so here's a selection - in no particular order.

Disclosing New Worlds

On Earth as in Heaven


What's for Afters?

Mustard Seed Shavings

Sorry that they are largely God-blogs...that just seems to be where I spend most of my time,- and I have popped Cal in for good measure. There are so many good reads out there, though - I could have gone on for far longer, once started.

1 comment:

cal said...

Wow - thanks for the link but eek I'd better get blogging again! My original intention was to blog on faith and food but I appear to be doing very little of either. There are just so many great god bloggers out there that I seem to spend more time reading about faith than writing about it! So I just mumble about stuff instead.

(PS Lovely to meet you at GB! Glad I was brave this year)