Monday, May 19, 2008

Holy, holy, holy!

Blogging about Saturday's wedding sent me, of course, to the home page of the Cathedral of Saint Sophia - where I found this. What a glorious expression of a central truth, which I'm prone to lose sight of as I focus on the people of God who are physically gathered around the table at the Eucharist. John Chrysostom has a clearer long-distance vision, which chimes in with that image that FabBishop loves, of earthly worship "grasping the heel of heaven".

I'm not sure that it would have helped the actual content of my sermon yesterday had I read it earlier, but it would undoubtedly have added a thread of pure gold to my worship. Could there be better reading for Trinity Sunday?

Icon of Lord Jesus Christ - The Cathedral of Saint Sophia is named after the Divine Wisdom of our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ.

"On high, the hosts of angels sing praise; here below, humankind forms choirs in the churches and imitates them by singing the same doxology. On high, the seraphim cry out in the Thrice-Holy Hymn, here below the human throngs sends up the same cry. The inhabitants of heaven and earth are brought together in a single festal assembly. There is one shared thanksgiving, one shout of delight, one joyful chorus." S John Chrysostom

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