Wednesday, May 07, 2008

(Partial and orange) view of the bookshelves

for those who might be interested!

At the moment I'm allowed about another 12 books before my shelving is exhausted in the study - BUT we've managed to clear 2 smaller bookshelves which are currently sitting in the hall looking vacant - so it's clearly high time I spent my lovely "new job" booktokens. Wheee!

Just so you know, my shopping list looks like this right now
Blue like Jazz - Donald Miller
Travelling Mercies - Anne Lamott
Plan B - Anne Lamott
Messy Church - Lucy Moore
Creative Communion - Margaret Withers & (the ever wonderful) Tim Sledge

For no good reason, Amazon are being bolshy about the combination of gift certificates and credit card - but we will overcome and it will be delightful and exciting to get the parcel, whenever it arrives - even if it does mean I need to begin the overspill process.


sally said...

Thank you for the pictures. It looks lvoely! And for the stories and sharing your settling is a hug to help with Hugger Steward's absence....look fowad to catching up with you soon xxx

sally said...

I've double clicked on the pics and they come up huge, so I can see the detail! The curtains are gorgeous and certainly worth it! Lovely. But where you are going wrong...your desk is simply too small!!! You need a table for the papers and clutter to lvie in neat piles, so your desk is empty to work on. You don't have too much stuff... not at all, just too little space to put it on. Simple.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

New books, how lovely. We're currently on an austerity budget at our house, so I'm just a tiny bit envious. But mostly I think it sounds like fun. I hope you get it straightened out with Amazon.

Songbird said...

Very, very nice!

cheesehead said...

Please read Traveling Mercies first. My neighbor (for two years) wrote it, and you can learn about some of the lovely people and places I knew when I lived there.

Then read Plan B.

Chorus said...

Mmmmmm... book shopping. So lovely...

Anonymous said...

catching up - my drive to the big city is horribly ugly compared to your pics... & what a blessing to be surrounded by wonderful women on the same path. Are there ever enough bookshelves?!