Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Signs of spring

are everywhere today, - both literally and metaphorically.

I've just given lunch to some wonderful ladies who have been major pastoral carers for Church in the Valley throughout the vacancy, and who, praise be, have no intention of stopping now.
We enjoyed a lovely safe conversation, in which it became wonderfully clear that we were all truly speaking the same language, that we could dream dreams and share visions together, and discover that God is giving us some matching hopes for our church and our community. So exciting!

Meanwhile, I have one parishioner very poorly in Gloucester Hospital - which means that 3 times already this week I have had to drive through countryside that looks something like this. Don't you feel for me?!

On the way home yesterday I simply had to stop in Randwick Woods...The bluebells have just peaked and are beginning to decline - but the colour and the scent (distressingly unbloggable) remain quite breathtaking.

I feel rather like the psalmist whose lot has fallen in a fair ground and I am truly and deeply grateful.

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marcella said...

the bluebells are going on the screensaver at work - will cheer up all three of us sitting in our "cosy" office.