Monday, November 24, 2008

Bonus post

I'm breaking my self-imposed NaBloPoMo rule of only one post a day (thirty days is quite a long time, otherwise) because today is Hugger Steward's birthday.
The last time we were apart on 24th November, I was in India - and it felt unbelievably strange not to hug him in person.
This time he is much closer at hand, in the grip of an essay crisis in once again the birthday hugs will have to wait for a few days.
But I'm thinking about him so much - about all that he has done in the year since his last birthday, about his hopes for the coming year, and mine for him too.
I don't know if the year ahead will include such a dramatic achievement as climbing, in case of doubt, let's publish the evidence of that once again.


marcella said...

Happy Birthday

Giles said...

Thank you both muchly :-)

Tho I should point out that that particular photo wasn't taken on Kilimanjaro: Yamba mountain is rather photogenic itself ;-)