Wednesday, November 05, 2008


while my friends across the Atlantic were making history, I spent the day taking my "line manager" the Archdeacon around the parishes.
His visit is part of a diocesan strategy by which every incumbent has a visit every 3 years from one of the Bishops or Archdeacons...It's supposed to be an encouraging and positive experience, but of course beforehand it feels very much like a kind of parish OFSTED.
How will I find enough things to show the AD?
Baldly, what on earth will I do with him ALL DAY???
Will he think i'm doing OK?
If he's bored, will that reflect badly on my ministry?
And....when am I going to do all the things I needed to get done on Tuesday that aren't really open to visitors...the funeral visits, the desk stuff, the uncomfortable phonecalls?
In the event, despite all these questions, I really enjoyed the day.
We did 2 Home Communions, spent lots of time in schools , met PCC members over a pub lunch and later at a lovely tea in a Warden's home...We walked some of the parish and reflected on the issues that seem to be uppermost for those who live here.
When he departed shortly before 5.00 I was almost exhausted, but quite delighted that I had made so many real connections in my first 6 months, that there was so much in the life of these churches that I am proud and happy to show off to visitors.
So, against all expectations, the day was a real encouragement.
Glad it won't happen again for 3 years, though!

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Erin said...

Yeah! sounds great! my archdeacon came today to help work out administrative/financial arrangements between my two ministries. All good but it is funny how nervous having the boss come can make you feel. I'm glad it was an affirming day for you and that you feel so connected to your folks!