Saturday, November 29, 2008

The wiles of Santa

song chart memes

On one of those random, slightly pointless trawls around the net recently I happened upon this, at GraphJam Rather to my surprise, the comments there were dominated by angry dyslexics who felt that this represented willful misunderstanding and insensitivity towards them, though I was hearted by one whose comment included another dyslexic joke "I didn't realise I was dyslexic till I went to a toga party and realised I was the only person there dressed as a goat".

Anyway, as we try to mark Buy Nothing Day I am pledging myself to stand firm against the temptations of Santa.
Year after year, I panic that I haven't actually ammassed enough "stocking fillers" for my children, and year after year there are at least 3 strange and silly items that simply can't be crammed into the stockings, try as I might.
Since both economics and principles dictate that this is not the time to fritter finances away on plastic racing snails, glow in the dark eyeballs or any of the usual stocking fodder, maybe this time I really will revert to the "1 edible, 1 readable, 1 silly and 3 sensibles - plus a sugar mouse and a satsuma in the toe" approach that my parents perfected. I never remember feeling remotely disappointed.
Burrowing under the bedclothes to read the (newly unwrapped)
"The Land of Green Ginger" by the light of a (newly unwrapped) ladybird torch remains one of my all-time favourite Christmas memories - even if it was 5.00 in the morning.


Songbird said...

We are forgoing the stockings.
I cannot believe I just wrote that.
I felt myself weakening just this morning, but that's our "cut back on the crazy" pledge for this year.

Kathryn said...

We have to have the stockings to ensure that everyone gets at least a new toothbrush and face flannel. The rest of the year, they are all responsible for arranging their own and I'm not at all sure than any of them (including the notional adult) achieve them...

Rainbow dreams said...

Now that sounds emminently sensible.. mind if I pinch it?
"1 edible, 1 readable, 1 silly and 3 sensibles - plus a sugar mouse and a satsuma in the toe"
could be the solution this year :)
Thanks Kathryn