Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When things get desperate

you can always play a blog game.
Cal produced a very impressive map of the Indian states that she has visited, and having so loved my own Indian adventure I had to follow suit.My map is much less exciting (I only had one month, after all)...and my Indian geography is so poor that I am still pondering what state it is that is represented by that teeny bit of white on the east coast - but here we go.

visited 4 states (11.4%)
Create your own visited map of India or try another Douwe Osinga project

The states I know I have visited are
Andrha Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
and Kerala.
Can anyone help me with that blob?

eta Cal is quite right. Pondicherry (aka Pudacherry) it is. Oh how I long to colour a little more of the white areas red....but not in the current climate, that's for sure.

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Cal said...

Yay, I was hoping you would do it.

There are a few odd blobs like that - check out the ones on my map over on the west. I found out what they were by clicking on the different options until one went blue.

I think your one might be something like Pondicherry but you might want to check.

I guess they're just really small administrative regions - there for some historic reasons, possibly to do with being ports. I known one of the ones in Gujarat is the only place in Gujarat you can buy alcohol openly and legally.