Thursday, February 26, 2009


Walk or cycle a route you would normally drive

OK - so this may be cheating, but I'm adding a twist...I will try to walk the route down to hurch without resenting the fact that I can't cycle it as normal. If I can achieve that I will really have got somewhere.
I suspect I may struggle a bit with LLLL this year - the actions are quite active on the whole & I dont think the idea is for me to half do tasks that depend on others for completion. We'll have to see

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Michelle said...

I am still laughing about your proclaiming that line in Psalm 51 - a favorite of mine but for utterly different reasons!

Perhaps your Lenten exercise is to let other people do the other half of each exercise? That would be a challenge deserving of Lent for me (even after the Spiritual Exercises!)

And the word verification for this one was "splut" which sounds reminscent of your accident...