Friday, February 20, 2009

Too busy to blog - a very dull update indeed

I can't think when I last went a whole week at home without blogging, but, despite the fact that this has been half term week, and I had tried to clear some space in the diary to enjoy time with the Dufflepud, I am quite simply run ragged.
I want to tell you all about Messy Church
I want to think aloud about churches, tourism & heritage V pilgrimage
I STILL have ambitions to blog about death & hope
But instead I need to tidy the study, flea the pets, write some parish mag material by yesterday and try and rescue Hattie Gandhi (who is equally frantic in the run up to a Shakespeare Festival she's organised at uni) from the aftermath of the imminent demise of Baby Car, who has been pronounced beyond economical repair.
But it IS Friday so before I get on with all that I plan on a large mug of coffee and, so help me, I WILL take the dogs up to the woods come what may.
Maybe catch you later....


Chorus said...

Thinking about you!

Songbird said...

I want to hear about ALL those things.

Kathrynzj said...

Seriously, the BEST dull post I have ever read! ;)