Sunday, May 31, 2009

The wonderful Dorothy McRae-McMahon once wrote (in "Liturgies for the Journey of Life") a creed that I love to use.

It begins
"The people of God have a human face.
We lift our eyes and stub our toes"
I've just had an alarmingly forceful reminder of the truth of this, as the smiley peacefulness engendered by a wonderful morning's worship, a gentle afternoon doing happy things and a lovely dog walk in my favourite woods was obliterated as I confronted a piddling little 1st world problem entirely of my own creation.
Having had a thoroughly juvenile stamp and snarl session, I was recalled to better order by a lovely comment from a twittering I can continue with the rest of the affirmation of faith

"But God is God
and Jesus is the Christ
and the Spirit
will lift up our feet."

It's true, - so for the second time today "THANKS BE TO GOD"


Song in my Heart said...

We lift our eyes and stub our toes
I love this.

Thanks be to God, indeed.

Andy Wilkes said...

Happy Birthday Kathryn, I love your blog.