Thursday, May 19, 2005

Another day, another Bishop!

Yesterday was supposed to be my day off, but instead I found myself departing at top speed (essential if like me you never leave for anywhere until you’re actually supposed to arrive) for our diocesan Bishop’s home. He’d invited our cohort* of deacons for a training morning on celebrating the Eucharist, beginning with the service itself, in his chapel. Note to anyone listening: when I grow up, I want a worship space exactly like that...but without the job, please.

Since he's definitely no slouch where liturgy is concerned (or in any other area, from what I can deduce) this was a real treat and a fantastic antidote to a week in which my vicar and I encountered some rather difficult attitudes to the conduct of worship here. It also reminded me how very much I love being taught by an enthusiast who is so generous with his knowledge. Indeed, when I whinged to him about some of our liturgical issues, he even suggested that he might come and give the parish a teaching day on the Eucharist before we’re too much older. Good, eh? I’m soo so glad to be ordained in this diocese at this time. :-)

To compensate for rather a churchy day off (the afternoon was taken up with a Social Responsiblity session on Asylum Seekers, an issue that needs a post of its own), I met up with a girl friend for a Thai meal at Siam Smile last night. Despite living only a few miles apart, we'd not seen each other for months so this was just the job, and the food was fab, with "one chilli" rating on a good variety of dishes for wimps such as I. Excellent day and happy Curate.

*Collective noun, anyone?? There must be something, surely...


the reverend mommy said...

I like a Coffeeklatch of Deacons or a Drift of Deacons.

Here's other words (in alphabetical order): accumulation, agglomeration, aggregation, army, assemblage, assembly, association, assortment, band, batch, bevy, blob, body, bouquet, brood, bulk, bunch, bundle, caboodle, chunk, clambake, clique, cloud, club, clump, cluster, coffeeklatch, collect, collection, colony, conclave, confab, conference, converge, convocation, convoy, corps, coterie, council, covey, crew, crowd, crush, division, drift, drove, expanse, extent, faction, fascicle, flight, flock, gaggle, galaxy, gang, gather, gathering, get-together, gob, group, heap, herd, hit, horde, host, huddle, hunk, jillion, knot, legion, litter, load, lot, magnitude, mass, measure, meet, meeting, menagerie, mess, mint, mob, mucho, multitude, number, oodles, outfit, pack, parcel, party, party, passel, peck, pile, pot, progeny, quantity, raft, rally, regiment, rout, scads, scores, sheaf, shebang, shock, sit-in, skein, slat, slew, society, spray, stack, supply, swarm, team, thicket, throng, ton, troop, troupe, tuft, turnout, tussock, unit, volume, wad, whopper, zillion.

You may choose your own.

John said...

A whimpering of deacons, perhaps? Or an apology of deacons? :-)

pax et bonum

Kathryn said... tempted by an apology of deacons, definitely...or maybe an anxiety??
but then there are times when it's a straighforward Chaos of deacons.
Today being one!

Tony said...

A Dismissal of Deacons, surely?

Tony said...

... or maybe a diatribe. (Sounds more like a collective, but less like most of the deacons I know - more like some incumbents.)

Dr Moose said...

How about a service of deacons... not to mention a denial of politicians