Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Really random

Last night I watched the BBC 2 series Compulsion, the story of Jonny, a young man with drink, drug and gambling addictions. He was the oldest child of an Anglican priest, and his father's parents had died while he, the father, was still young. As a soon-to-be Anglican priest whose parents died when I was 18, this did worry me slightly for my beautiful daughter...but the fact that she kept floating in to stand in front of the tv and offer Jonny hugs and understanding made me feel marginally better .

A shopping trip with One Pedestrian yesterday, from which I brought home some really cool lights. They are basically thin plastic tubes, filled at regular intervals with small bulbs in assorted colours ...can't find a picture anywhere on the net, but I reckon they'll be very handy for alt.worship and meanwhile, I've popped them in a vase and they cheer up the study no end.
What's more, their packaging entertains as well as educates, as it reads "bulbs not replaceable" and "If you have any problems obtaining replacement bulbs please phone the 24 hour premierbulb hotline....."

Which brings me to a poster, the work of the Sunday School, which I encountered in a church hall near here (no, not ours). It read, loud and clear
So there you have it. Have a good day!


ron said...


Well, I guess that explains why things have been going the wat they have...I should have guessed.

John said...

No, no - it's a deep theological comment about how God expresses sovereignty and power by resigning the divine power and allowing us free will, and all that jazz :-)

pax et bonum

1 i z said...

"Our God resigns"

Sunday Schools can have that effect...

PPB said...

Are you sure it was written by a child? It could have been the Sunday School teacher.

Actually, if I was God, I might have resigned, too.

the reverend mommy said...

Really very good.
I have signed myself as an Untied Methodist for so long, I may resign as well.
I'm free!

Caroline said...

maybe, just maybe, it was written by a blairite 7 year old labour party activist facing up to the inevitable leadership battle?

Serena said...

*cackle* Our God is resigned to the fact we'll mess it up?