Friday, May 20, 2005

Tidying the study

On Wednesday, the Bishop compared the rather cluttered altars he often meets around the diocese with "the study on a bad day".
Just now I walked into my study and realised it bore an uncanny and depressing resemblance to the high altar at St M's at the Sunday Eucharist.
So I guess I can postpone sermon prep yet again by settling down to clear the decks. Maybe.

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Mary said...

Hmm - you must be seriously desperate. Hope all the piles fitted back once you'd read all the long lost or suppressed bits and pieces. I tried a bit of displacement from parish weekend prep this morning - writing a post instead of attending the office for photocopying, battle with music stands, whoops-its-come-out- wrong more photocopying, and general stress. Unfortunately after half an hour's well crafted deathless prose on Parish Weekends I Have Known I managed to lose the lot...... Something to look forward to on Monday.

Off to Ashburnham now with a car so full my son is going with someone else!