Monday, May 16, 2005

Comments on Comments

Seem almost to deserve a post in themselves...though perhaps I'm just being daft?
Anyway, in response to your comments on A Rash Undertaking and in no particular order...

It's OK, Caroline . It's not the drugs! I promise nobody would ever accuse you of making sensible comments, honestly :-)

re paranoia (Tony and Mark)...quite enough has been happening to one blog friend as a result of unexpected visitors from work to her blog to make me ultra cautious for a while at least. But I'd already come clean about the blog in my essay to the Bishops, in the hope that this would prevent my lapsing into indiscretion. Friendly policing very welcome, though.
Ooh...and Mark, +J did say he would ask my vicar about my joining all ye fresh expressions types:I'm really hoping that happens.

As to the other Caroline and her sensible comment...yes, I think you're right, though I'm not sure that the current book is inspiring me to do anything different. This is a nightmare week, though, so I'm unlikely to get much chance to find out. No time, no here I am, blogging. Ah well, will keep you posted.


Mark said...

Really, really hope your incumb. says yes. And great to hear about your Pentecost time with the youth group - must swop experiences sometime.

Caroline said...

It seems wherever I go I meet up find another Caroline got there before me ..

my friend, Caroline, in Coventry used to call me Caroline TOO (T-he O-ther O-ne, so maybe I should sign that way?

By the way, if you're not getting new ideas on what to DO, just stop reading that book! Life is to short to mess around with stuff that isn't different and doesn't make a difference (hmm, wonder if there's a blog title in there :-)

Kathryn said...

I think I disagree Caroline (though it's so late and the evening's Standing Committee was so long, I'm no longer even sure of that ;-) )but I think that sometimes the stuff that doesnt' inspire you to do anything helps you clarify gradually what you DO want to do...I'll maybe blog about it tomorrow, if I get a second...and you'll possibly see what I mean.

Caroline Too said...

I see your point, Kathryn, but do be careful of spending your precious time on a wild goose chase. This is, I'm afraid a zero sum game: time you're spending on this book is time you can't spend on another or in other activities

yes you might miss something lifechanging, but there again you might miss something lifechanging elsewhere!

oh dear I'm being tutorial and sensible again, can you forgive me?

Kathryn said...

Caroline Too, since common sense is generally not the chiefest attribute among my friends (as I'm sure they'd agree ;-) ), I'm delighted to have someone prepared to offer it from time to time. Then I've got something to ignore, after all....
No, seriously, I think your advice is possibly wise...but there is a risk that I might slip into reading the agreeable or easy if I allowed myself to, and as I read at 100 mph I should possibly err on the side of indiscrimination. Off to draft a post on that book now.