Wednesday, August 24, 2005

An announcement of some sort!

Truly not sure if this is something to be proud or ashamed of, but it is with considerable relief that I can confirm that, after a grand total of 13 months as assistant curate of this parish, I have finally managed to submit my expenses claim.
I know.
I really don't manage accounts in any shape or form - the only thing I avoid more assiduously is cleaning the oven- , so I've been hiding every time the Treasurer was sighted for some months.
But now it's done, so I am purged of my guilt in time to enjoy Greenbelt...and the cheque, when it arrives, will probably make me feel quite happy too.


Songbird said...

I am very proud of you!

Emily said...

Good for you (and you are not alone!)

Pink Shoes said...

Bravo! That ranks right up there with my least favorite things to do!

Lorna said...


hope there's money left in the kitty to pay you Kathryn.

Do you get a mileage allowance for your bicycle :) Hugs and heaps of blessings for GB.

Dr Moose said...

Well done! ;)

It is also one of my least favourite jobs - I'll even mow the lawn instead, which is saying something! However, I've found that keeping a separate expenses bank account does work in the long run, being the sort of person who likes everything in it's place* (at least in theory). Then I don't have to remember how much of the money is for car maintenance and so on and so forth. It also forces me to do the expenses at least roughly on a monthly basis, not to mention the fact that I don't have enough money to hire the hall indefinitely!

*GLW would look at this and laugh, given the state of my Office and my Playroom (others would call it a study but I'm too honest - no study is involved!)

Mary said...

I'm useless at this kind of thing too - not good news for someone who is supposed to work on contracts which require her to submit invoices...... and my pride a few months ago in actually submitting a book expenses claim to our own Treasurer was properly humbled today when I paid the subsequent cheque in at the point where it was almost illegible and crumbling from time spent in my wallet......

Alastair said...

I sympathise, I am so bad at submitting my expense forms that various treasurers have given me ultimatums - the one that has worked is 'if you don't give me your claim by the 10th of the Month, i can't say when i will pay you...'

To be honest, this has been a good incentive - particularly as my expenses are around £400 per calender month, due to the miles i cover as one of the clergy looking after 13 parishes... It proves to offer a finacese logjam to the treasurer too who has to sort out claiming money between the parishes.

I'm pretty sure i admire you for actually being able to last so long! And of course for submitting them (watch my inner treasurer appear there)