Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lohengrin, here we go...

Hot on my exposure as one who mothers without a map, let me tell you how my endlessly obliging older children spent the last hour or so.
In two weeks time I’m due to conduct my first wedding. Being aware that there isn’t much margin for error on these occasions, I was anxious to rehearse unofficially, so I’d know where I was when the real rehearsal takes place. Accordingly this afternoon I found myself marrying my daughter to my son, under the benevolent eye of my wonderful training incumbent…I discovered just how likely it is that I will fall off the chancel steps while wrapping my stole around the joined hands of bride and groom (very), where the nearest grating is if anyone does drop the ring, and just how silly Giles looks with a sellotape moustache.
The priceless thing was how concerned both teens were that there was no way that any of it could be legally binding…Luci and I had read a very silly novel by Madeleine Wickham last week on the boat, and she was convinced that we might be in the throes of making it real. Fortunately, they made the vows on behalf of blah and blah...and I'm sure I didn't call those particular banns. They were a very volatile couple, and I'm convinced that the reality will be a breeze in comparison. It certainly should be.


Lorna said...

This sounds such fun - and pretty sensible too :)

when we were doing our practical ministry training last week the pastor who was teaching up was like Mr Bean and I learnt a lot as I laughed :)

in part 1 last April when we were here last we also practiced the processions and and out. a very large man (baptist pastor here in Tallinn) went behind the altar, only for the practicing deacon to be in the wrong place and to squeeze behind him. We all held our breath until he manovered past and then burst out laughing.

who said you can't laugh in church.

Have a great time in GB. envious? you bet!

peripateticpolarbear said...

Now here in the states we only marry cousins....not brother and sisters!

Emily said...

I'd tell a story but I'll go blog about it instead!

Songbird said...

That's a great story, especially the mustache!
I want to be English in my next life.