Thursday, August 25, 2005

The boy done good!

GCSE results today: Teen Wonder did not disappoint, with 8 A*s, 1 A and 2 B now I really can throw caution to the winds and enjoy Greenbelt. See you there, or alternatively online sometime next week.


Purechristianithink said...

Were the B's in Divination and Potions? Or Transfiguration and Herbology?? Just kidding, congrats to your young scholar.

Kathryn said...

lol....How did you guess?? As we drove in this morning, knowing that people generally have pretty high expectations of TeenWonder(he's working a year ahead of his age, hence his bloggy alias), the person that kept coming to mind was poor Hermione, unable to open the envelope containing her OWLS. In this case, it was Music (which saddened him a wee bit) and PE (joke subject...the school makes them take it as an extra GCSE so that the non academics are likely to have a good grade in something)..but he would definitely have failed Divination...Probably a T, I think.

Dr Moose said...

There's an awful lot to congratulate your brood for this year, isn't there?

Well done, that (young) man!

Caroline said...

thanks so much for texting me with the fantastic news. We had an office bet and the favourites for the B grades were PE(we got that right hurrrah) and either D&T or 'a modern language' (see as good lawyers we always read and beleive the newspapers!). May I pass on the coongrats of a bunch of overworked, underpaid ex-high achieving legal aid lawyers and wish our fledgling barrister all the luck (and private client work0 in the world, We're very very pleased and I'm very very proud of you all. much love...

mibi52 said...

Bravo! He deserves some sort of special treat (I vote for chocolate, but then I always vote for chocolate, except when I vote for Barolo).

Now will you please send him over here to explain to my darling StrongOpinions that it isn't a conspiracy when she doesn't get an A in a course, she actually has to (gasp!) WORK? She, too, is working a year ahead of her age and sometimes it shows in the maturity thing. And she, too, got a less than perfect grade in Potions, since she didn't clean up her cauldron afterwards...

Alcuin Bramerton said...

No longer young,
She makes her way
To the Greenbelt Festival
At Cheltenham Racecourse.

It is a sacred site;
Full of Celtic ghosts
And the sense of
Abiding loss.

In her mind
Is the hope
That she may be able
To rediscover
Something of the energy
Of spiritual fascism
Which so excited
Her internal juices
All those years ago
At university.

She is disappointed.

Plenty is happening
At Greenbelt,
But none of it has to do with
Spiritual fascism,
Or internal fluidity.

What is happening
At Greenbelt
Is the spiritual self-congratulation
Of materialistic Middle England
As it tries to remember
What all the fuss was about
In the olden days
When angels seemed closer,
And churchianity seemed more
Than just gender-posing,
And God existed
As a vital,
And cosmetically expedient
Fashion accessory.

To be a survivor
At Greenbelt,
You have to be
An out-of-date

And to be
An out-of-date
You have to be
A card-carrying
Associate member
Of the human race
With a half-finished,
On "God as Dolphin Mother."

It is all rather disappointing.

But, this year,
The intense quality
Of the disappointment
Is somehow
More gratifying
Than usual.

Anonymous said...

What, not 9 A*s? Just kidding, i think.