Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Both/and" continued

Jonny has a post on this very subject - starting from the emergent perspective but with his customary balance and grace (not always as evident as it might be among emergent bloggers and commenter).
I felt like cheering aloud when I read this sentence - but it's all good.
All in all i think god is a lot more gracious than all of us and breathes life and spirit in places we have all written off a long time back. and that's a great job! in the uk i know of at least two emerging churches growing out of gay denominational settings which shows me the same thing - god is much more radical, surprising, and wonderful than most of us...

God's vision is always bigger, his ambition for his Church greater, more exciting than anything we can envisage in our anxious little corners...And we're invited to join in! Isn't that mind blowingly exciting.

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