Friday, April 13, 2007

Sunset over Charlton Kings

this was the last thing I saw before collapsing into bed on Easter Sunday night. I think the sermon went OK, though to be honest I suspect everyone was so wiped out that they probably wouldn't have noticed if I'd replaced it with a chapter from Wind in the Willows...
Anyway, good or bad, it seems a lifetime ago, as when you travel at 4 mph, you somehow manage to cram alot more into a day. I've had a wonderful week - the perfect antidote to death by liturgy. Even the loud and vulgar hounds behaved impeccably on the boat. I slept, read, sewed (the tapestry that will probably remain unfinished till my dying day, as it only ever gets taken on retreats and holidays)...I watched the world go by, day dreamed, and it was all very very good.
Photos to come - though probably not tomorrow, when I have to become ActionCurate, taking the junior choristers to a theme park. Talk about down to earth with a bump!


marcella said...

Welcome back to CK. Glad you had time to rest. Next time perhaps you can take my tapestry - 5 years after I started it it's about 1/4 done.

Caroline said...

Welcome home. Glad you had a refreshing time.

Your sermon made me cry - in a good way.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time away. Thank you for your message on my blog. Hsve a great time with the junior choristers!


Lorna said...

Action Curate
Love it :)

PS our puppies' official names are all action something - like action ride, or action stunt ... seems like you've just named your way into our family for real :)


liz said...

Kathryn, have been secretly enjoying your blog for some time - so much so that, today. I nominated you for a thinking blogger award. Keep on provoking us into thinking and smiling. thank you.