Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life at 4 mph

This is clearly not the post of a reflective blogger, - but I'm a woman of my word and so here, as threatened, is evidence of our recent trip (more on flickr for those with more manners than sense!).

We were incredibly blessed with the weather, which was warmer than many summer cruises we've taken, and there seems to be a benevolent something about the boat which more than counters the possible tensions created by lots of Flemings in one small space. We knew this often worked (it is, after all, one reason why we are buying a narrowboat at all) but given the exhaustion levels of several of the party on day one, and some fairly huge things going on in all directions in recent weeks, it felt rather miraculous that even when the engine failed on Wednesday morning (going through a tunnel, of course) we all sat quite happily in the sun till a marvellous mechanic arrived to set all to rights. Not a word of grouch and grumble, even from those who normally like to get on with getting wherever we are going. The fact that we were stuck here might have had something to do with it, of course...the air laden with bird song, the trees that were so green that they looked as if the colour had been invented for them only seconds before, spring at its most perfect, and we were forced to sit and enjoy it.
Our relentlessly barking dogs were preternaturally peaceful too, overjoyed with knowing exactly where their family was at all times, and enjoying some long walks along the tow path and the feeling of wind in the whiskers!

Incidentally, the friends from whom we're buying the boat are keen ringers, so the boat is currently "Fabian Stedman" - but though the male Flemings ring, we need a new name to mark the adoption process (not least because I find it very hard to square the circle of a boat, which is definitively female, having a guy's name). We've had some thoughts, but a few suggestions would always be welcome...She's not a young boat, but she's sound and friendly..and she's going to be ours!


maggi said...

I thought it was teribly bad luck to change the name of a boat? doesn't that apply to narrowboats?

Kathryn said...

Apparently it happens quite alot when they change hands and are re registered...Of course, if she suddenly becomes a bad tempered harridan, we'll have to revert to calling her Fabian!

Lilly said...

my first thought for a new name was "galadrial" from lord of the rings..thinking of the elven boats she gave to frodo and the company!
and brendan was the celtic saint famous for his travels, but i'm wondering if their is a female saint famous for sailing, travel,etc? no one is coming to mind : )
thanks for the nomination too.
your boat looks lovely and i'm glad that you are having spring in england because it is cold and winter like here in ohio! even snow flurries on easter! have a wonderful week! lilly

sally said...

Oh can we have our next girly holiday aboard? Please, please? Your pics and description are wonderful..glad it was good... S xxx

Rosemary said...

Stedman is a revered name in ringing circles - and don't forget that bells, like boats, are 'she' too :-)

If you are determined to change, how about 'Erin? This would fulfil your desire for a girl's name, continue the link with FS as Erin is a ringing method derived from the same principle as Stedman, plus, 'Erin' spells 'ire' backwards and I'm sure you will try to reverse any such emotion on your relaxing canal holidays!

liz said...

We've enjoyed many holidays aboard narrow boats. It started with our honeymoon 25 years ago. How wonderful to own a boat and have your own anytime escape. happy sauntering!