Sunday, April 08, 2007

Images from the Triduum - Saturday

For the first time this year, we lit the Easter fire outside the church and gathered the whole congregation there...which meant that, as the Deacon of the rite, I had to carry the paschal candle into a completely dark and empty church.
And it was amazing.

The rest of the Easter Vigil, including the baptism of a Little Fishes mum and both her daughters, another chance to cause havoc with the rosemary while sprinkling the congregation, and a wonderful recessional, led by two very excited little girls who had just joined the family of the church, was all lovely too.
But it's that moment of walking into the darkness, carrying the Christ light that will stay with me


Songbird said...

Wow. When I read your stories, I wish I were in a more liturgical tradition. Blessed Eastertide to you; enjoy your rest!

MikeF said...

We do this (picture) and it's always my favourite liturgical moment of the year. I usually end up having to blink back tears in order to see where I'm going... Thanks so much for these Easter posts - beautiful - I think I'd feel right at home at your church!