Sunday, April 08, 2007

Triduum Images 3

And proclaimed with great joy and excitement to capacity congregations this morning.

And that's it.
One more service, and then we're esaping to life in the very very slow lane, courtesy of the inland waterways system. Our first stay on the narrowboat which is actually going to be ours.
Catch you on Friday.

A blessed Eastertide, all of you.


cal said...

Happy Easter lovely lady.

Thank you for all your wonderful blogging here that keeps me walking along even when I'm not sure of the way forward!!

Enjoy your holiday - you deserve one.

marcella said...

Rest in peace! even if that isn't a particularly "Eastery" thing to say. And thank you for your part in all the services - they really have been very special.

Caroline said...

Have a restful break - enjoy yourself.

sally said...

Oh, enjoy the canal boat holiday. One of the most lovely and relaxing ways of holidaying I know. And you deserve it. You sit still, and the world floats by. Joy. xxx

St. Casserole said...

Have a lovely quiet holiday.

The slow boat sounds fabulous.

BigJohn said...

"The boat is going to be ours" ... just for a holiday, a share in it or totally yours?

If the latter, maybe we should start a clerical canal boaters Ring? see nb Epiphany"