Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beginnings and Endings part 1

I know, I know, - I promised a post on Timothy Radcliffe – and it was such a wonderful book I simply have to write it up soon.
But in the meantime, life has been distinctly busy, and some of that deserves blogging too.

Today was that CME training about which there was fairly substantial muddle, chronicled in the grumps of last week.
As a result I could only go to the first part of the proceedings, - but it was still eminently worthwhile.
Aimed at those of us who will be on the move in the next few months, it was held at Holland House, -the place I last visited on retreat before my diaconal ordination – the retreat which first introduced me to DH’s inspirational teaching.
It was quite lovely to be back in that chapel, where I’d heard words that have stayed with me ever since…to see the piano that I played quietly, praying through the music, on the Saturday evening when we returned a small, subdued group, from the ordination of the new priests who had been our retreat companions. Our ordination as deacons would take place the next morning, and we were fearful and excited, both conscious of the demands that would arrive next day, happy that this phase of our journey was almost over, totally unaware of what would really lie ahead..

In fact it was the perfect place to look back on the gifts and challenges of the past 3 years, recognising that experiences in curacy will shape our sense of vocation in the next phase (either in terms of seeking more of the same, or possibly its exact antithesis). We were a mixed group from 3 dioceses. One of us has secured a post already, and begins work in prison chaplaincy in just a few weeks, but the majority are, like me, simply beginning to ponder.
The input today was designed to make our reflections more profitable, and I've got lots to say as a result.
But not right now.
I was up till 2.30 this morning, sorting papers for the clergy tax advisor (hooray, -that's one hurdle cleared for a whole year) and powerpoint for a talk on India, so right now I simply want to reflect on the joy of a comfortable bed.

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