Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Having struggled in traditional Kathryn-style to write last Sunday's sermon at all, let alone at a reasonable hour, when I delivered it it was described by one of the congregation as "sensible".
I can't think when anyone last used that as an adjective for any aspect of my life, so I've been pondering it ever since. Still can't relate it to the sermon, which you'll find here
if you're so minded...but wanted to record for posterity the fact that on Sunday 19th June 2007 I was apparently, however briefly, recognisably sensible.

No wonder I'm all over the place now.


Danny said...

'Sensible'... Mmm... the comment that amuses me most 'at the door' is 'interesting interpretation' ... could mean anything really!!

That said just revel in being deemed 'sensible' for a while ... you may be 'risky' or even 'dodgy' by next Sunday...

Songbird said...

Don't you mean 10th June? ;-)

Kathryn said...

That's OK, then...the illusion of sense passes rapidly...though I should perhaps have said that the comment came from a former Times Preacher of the Year, - a scarily wise and erudite OT scholar, whose presence initially used to reduce me to awestruck silence. So (though I didn't say so) "sensible" felt rather like a bouquet.