Sunday, June 24, 2007

We want to see Jesus lifted high!

Youth Group birthday weekend once more...the culmination of weeks and weeks of preparation and creativity from members of Koinonia, who'd put together a Eucharist on the theme
"Come together...we are all one in Christ"
We felt that we were going out on a limb with this one a bit. The whole liturgy was led as well as written by the group, and took place within the context of a drama - itself a morning service in the village of "Charlton Queens", where punks and PCC members have come to worship but are, unsurprisingly, not seeing eye to eye.
All the building blocks of the Eucharist were there, but presented rather differently.
For me, the highlights were the silent intercessions, reflecting on images of situations that badly need prayer
The privilege of consecrating and breaking the beautiful loaf that was made during last night's sleepover
And the sheer joy of sharing in singing "We want to see Jesus lifted high" with the kids out front and the congregation sharing in the actions, if not the singing, by way of a recessional.
There were lots of smiley faces at the church door, but also comments on the depth and spirituality of the service.
Thank you, God, for meeting us all this morning, in the anxiety, in the laughter, in one another and in the breaking of the bread.

(mgbf and co - I'll put the rest of the photos on flickr later....a bit rushed now)


Lorna said...

I think there is something very special about breaking bread together that has been baked together.

Loved the banner - and I personally love the song.

We want to see Jesus lifted high
A banner that flies across the land
That all men might see the truth and know
He is the way to heaven

Step by step, we're moving forward
Little by little, taking ground
Every prayer a powerful weapon
Strongholds come tumbling down
...and down and down and down

love and blessings ... hope you can rest

Songbird said...

What a wonderful service!

Sally said...

wonderful, sounds like it was worth all the hard work!

RevDrKate said...

It's good go out on a limb with God and be creative with the creator....sounds like it was lovely and powerful for all... blessings for willingness to take the risk of doing it differently!