Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do you recognise anyone here?

Yesterday's session of the Spir Dir course was, incredibly, the penultimate one. That means that 26 weeks have passed - which I find very difficult indeed to absorb. I've really enjoyed the work, and the people - though there has been some difficult stuff dredged up in the process, which I'd probably have preferred to let lie ("An avoider? me?? la la la...what a lovely day....look at those fluffy white clouds over there").
One way and another I've certainly benefitted hugely - and I hope that those whom I see for direction will benefit too,- since that's the point of the whole thing.

Yesterday amid the heavy stuff we were given a sheet which described caricatures of various styles of spiritual director....It might be copyright, so I'd best not post the whole thing much though I'd like to, but as was intended I recognised some of these tendencies in myself,- and one or two others made me giggle inordinately too.

Choose from the following selection while stocks last - probably buy one, get one free...

Blind Man's Buff - or "Your guess is as good as mine". The basis is to cover your tracks by avoiding any impression of expertise

The Agony Aunt - or "Lay your burdens upon me". The basis is that the director is there to "answer" or "solve" problems whether moral, psychological, emotional, intellectual or practical.

And I will raise them up - or "The art of coarse Messianism". The basis is a belief that the director must be the one to help this soul in need, to lift their burdens and save the world alone.

Never mind the quality - feel the width - or "the bluffers guide to spiritual conversation. The basis is that if I talk for long enough people seem to go away happy.

The Black Hole - or "it's hell but it's home". The basis is "don't expect any light. It it's painful it must be doing you good."

(Important note - none of the wonderful people who've had the dubious pleasure of directing me show any of these tendencies. I couldn't even guess which ones they might have to battle with.)

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marcella said...

I do think that those being directed have some responsibility in this as well. It is all too easy to want to be raised up, or to have all your troubles taken away. Presumably looking out for devoted followers is something you learn on the course too?