Sunday, June 10, 2007

"We're off on the road to Morocco..."

Was one of my father's favourite songs, which was integrated into many a game in my childhood and the "piggy back" rides he offered me were always "camel rides" (possibly because my daddy was always distinctly boney.
However, it's not somewhere I've visited yet (indeed, the whole of Africa still waits and intrepid curate) so I'm having to make do...Matthew, the son of one of my special friends and the older brother of god-son J, has embarked with his beloved on a mammoth cycle ride from Cheltenham to Morocco - all to raise money for Water Aid.
On a sizzling June day, when wearing the full set of Eucharistic vestments was quite a trial, I was so glad to down pint after pint of water after the service - but my experiences in India have made me newly appreciative of this resource. Then I came home, went online and read about Matt's trip. Its such a great thing that they're doing - an amazing journey with a purpose. Worth reading about, I'm sure - they are blogging it here and if you did feel moved to contribute to the work of Water Aid, there's an online link too. Even if it's not your thing, it's quite inspiring to imagine those kids pedalling determinedly on their way - I'm praying God's blessing on their trip and on their fundraising too.


Giles said...

"...has embarked with his beloved on a mammoth cycle ride..."

When I first read that, I semi-deliberately overlooked the word "cycle", and I was much happier...

Love you

Kathryn said...

All your gap year problems solved in one woolly mammoth stroke!
Sorry to disappoint ;-)
Love you too

1 i z said...

Good on them - a mammoth trip. And WaterAid is a fantastic charity.

As for Giles, I will simply roll my eyes and try not to laugh. How's the hair these days?