Monday, July 23, 2007

Own up, then. Who killed the albatross?

Life here is taking on more than a tinge of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. You remember

"Water, water everywhere
And all the boards did shrink.
Water, water everywhere
Nor any drop to drink."

Following the excitements of Fridays deluge, Gloucestershire is still struggling...and as the local pumping station has itself been flooded, water supplies in Gloucester and Cheltenham are running out. So, the surrounding countryside looks like this

but bowsers are being set up at stategic points, as there's nothing coming out of the taps. Did I use the word "surreal" already?

FabBishop has written a prayer, which I think bears posting. There's neither water nor electricity at Church House, so he's also sent all clergy and licensed lay workers his private phone number...further proof, in my opinion, that he merits his blog name. Here's the prayer

Creator God, hear our prayer.
As we look with dismay on the floods across our county,
we ask you to look with compassion on all who are suffering
on those whose homes are spoilt, whose livelihood is threatened.
We thank you for acts of courage and of kindness
and pray a blessing on all who rescue and relieve.
And, when the floods have gone, guide us to learn lessons.
Help us to live in harmony with the laws of nature
and in reverence for a creation you have made so very good.
Creator God, hear our prayer.


Dayzeee said...

He does sound like a Fab Bishop. Thinking of you and all who are affected by this terrible flooding.


Anne said...

Been thinking of you and those in your area and hoping you're all OK.

cheesehead said...

Lord, here our prayer.

Mrs. M said...

Hear our prayer, indeed. Heard about these on public radio this morning, so sorry for this crisis.

Michelle said...

But I pray to you, LORD, for the time of your favor. God, in your great kindness answer me with your constant help.
Rescue me from the mire; do not let me sink. Rescue me from my enemies and from the watery depths.

Do not let the floodwaters overwhelm me, nor the deep swallow me, nor the mouth of the pit close over me.

Answer me, LORD, in your generous love; in your great mercy turn to me.

Ps 69...may the waters not overwhelm (even should they overtop!)!

Ruby said...

All of you are in our prayers.

Sherry et al said...

Looking at those pictures today made me wish I could come and help....just as so many have and still come to help us in the New Orleans/Gulf Coast area. Know that you are in our prayers and will remain so when you are not in the news.

Songbird said...

Kathryn, so odd about the water. You are in my prayers.