Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stop Press

We did it.
There is now a dahlia named Florence Li Tim Oi.
Dotty I know, but I'm really really pleased about this.
It just feels as if the world in general (or the Sunday listeners in particular) are glad to celebrate women's ministry...and that is a good thing to contemplate when you come in exhausted on a Sunday night.
Thanks, those who voted!
It's not often I rejoice in the results of a "first past the post" election.


The Harbour of Ourselves said...

ah, kathryn, dotty is good.....maybe they could name a flower after her.....

Kathryn said...

lol Paul---she is in indeed, though it's a very long time since I communicated with her!

RevDrKate said...

Oh way cool! As a voter I am pleased.