Wednesday, September 19, 2007

akma saves the day

International Talk Like a Pirate day, that is.
I was a complete failure at introducing any hint of swash or buckle into Deanery Chapter this morning, so was feeling rather despondent till I read his insight into piratical prayer

Arrr Father.

Simple, but perfect, my hearties

Edit: I'm forever in Paul's debt for alerting me to this link
From henceforth, all prayers should end with Aye Aye.


Paul said...

Sadly I failed miserably to begin yesterday's Eucharist with "Ahoy, me hearties" instead of"The Lord be with you" and I chose to begin the PCC with an order of evening worship from Iona rather than "Avast there". My PCC secretary says that now she's lost 5 stone she hasn't got "Avast behind" anymore! But did you see the "Pirate Eucharist" linked to by Anne in the comments on Dave Walkers Blog? Favourite line: "On th' night he be handed o'er t' sufferin' an' Davy Jones' locker, our Lord Jesus Christ took the hardtack; an' when he had beat the weevils out, he gave thanks t'ye, broke it, gave it to his maties an' said...
Bessings. Arrr!

Tim Heaney said...

Sadly I didn't throw myself as fully into TLAP day as I would have liked (just a few a few "ARRR"s and "Me Hearties" around the dinner table with the family I'm afraid). If only I'd known about the Pirate Eucharist (LOL)at the time - Wednesday mornings mid-weeker with the old ladies of St Marks would have been so much more interesting.