Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Say it with flowers

Today Hattie Gandhi returned to Cardiff properly, having flitted to and fro in all directions this summer...She took over the keys of her student house son 1st September, and decided that as she was paying rent there it made sense to transplant herself well before term starts, to find a student job and generally enjoy the pleasures of her favourite city.
She has decided against taking the car with her, on the basis that if it's not there, she can't use it, so I drove her down and we had fun doing a bit of household shopping and purring over the many delights of The House - including these tiles. Aren't they splendid?

When we were in the supermarket, I asked HG to choose some flowers as a house warmer, and she opted for some Fair Trade roses (never let it be said my offspring are short of conscience)...only to realise when we got them home that the bunch held too many flowers for her one and only vase.
But she's nothing if not creative...

Have a lovely term, HG: hoping and praying that this year is every bit as blissful as last.

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serena said...

YUM to both tiles and flowers. How lovely!