Tuesday, September 11, 2007

(Lost) Cat Blogging - further unwelcome irony

This is not a good time to be a cat owner in Charlton Kings.
Since the Greenbelt weekend, several beloved pets have vanished in the area - (so many that white slavers have been mentioned) and one of them is our lovely Chloe (on the left in the picture).
While Teddy the three-legged ginger pirate cat rolls and roisters his way round the neighbourhood, with a cat bowl in every port, Chloe is gentle, quiet and home-loving...so a fortnight's absence is completely atypical. Her son Tallis is spreading himself about the house as much as possible, in an effort to hide the fact that a 3 cat family currently only seems to be able to muster 1 - but it's not the same.

Why is it that if animals have to go missing, we lose those who are no trouble at all - while wherever I turn, however loud the music, I'm still tormented by the incessant barking of Dillon the Evil Jack Russell? There's no justice - and Hattie Gandhi wants her cat back.


marcella said...

My parents did have their Jack Russell stolen at one point, so be careful what you wish for. We are on the look out for Chloe and for the other missing pets.

Songbird said...

will smama asked me if it was the cat rapture. That would certainly be a better thing, and it would explain the left behind nature of my peeing, barfing cat while dear Nicky has vanished.
I am so sorry to hear their have been multiple missing cats where you are. My favorite childhood cat disappeared in a similar rage of catnappings many years ago, and it felt, and must feel, perfectly awful.

Purechristianithink said...

Oh--I hope she comes back. Here, it's always coyotes who are the suspects in feline disappearances: could one have hopped a boat for an British excursion?

Freedom Bound said...

Osca sends deep love to Tallis and is very worried about Mum.....

Please keep us up to date love.

My heart would break - so also have a human hug from another unworthy cat-carer.

Anonymous said...

I also have a cat missing in Charlton Kings - Fluff, who we havent seen for 2 days which is very unusual for him. A person I spoke to at the cats protection league today told me that there have been a very unusually high amount of cats reported missing in Charlton Kings in the last couple of weeks. Do you know any more about this? I would be greatful for any info.


Kathryn said...

Sorry, Amanda - I have no good news...One other missing Ch K cat was found, having been knocked over and killed, but my Chloe is still missing and like Fluff, doesn't tend to stay out at all. It's a month for us now, so I'm beginning to abandon hope (though I once had a cat vanish for 19 weeks, that was when we were living in the country, and rabbiting was a popular feline sport).
Do hope you have better news yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn

Thanks for your reply - still no news for us on Fluff:(

I'm not sure if you have tried this already but I was told by my vet today that the out of hours vets service Chelvet had had a black cat with them which has now been taken to the animal shelter. Im afraid I dont know any more details but it is worth a try if you havent already.