Monday, September 03, 2007

My personal glimpse

of heaven in ordinary came during my 3 hospital call-outs this weekend. (the third came as I was collapsing with a glass of red wine after the dramas of yesterday evening - so the chances of my recognising heaven were slim...but it simply wasn't missable, I promise)
All 3 calls came in the wake of deaths, one on a ward, two in A&E.
In one case, the family who'd requested prayer were present, and that was good and helpful.
In the others, they had already departed - but the staff nurses who had called me in came with me to the bedside, and held the hand of the departed as we prayed together.
I didn't know these nurses...have no idea of their religious beliefs, or if they had any at all..but the loving humanity that they showed will remain with me as a precious legacy of these chaplaincy months.

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