Sunday, September 30, 2007

God of surprises

I'm certain that I'm not alone in observing that, the greater the muddles we get ourselves into, the more obvious it is that God is hugely involved, sorting things out for us as we go along.

It has been that way this week...specially with regard to yesterday's wedding.
Through many dangers, toils and snares we finally got to The Day. After a morning of chill and mizzle the sun burst through the clouds, the bride looked stunning - amazing dress and shining joy are a pretty unbeatable combination - the music was great, the bells rang out as the couple walked under the arch of swords provided by the groom's RAF comrades....and God was tangibly present in every word and deed.
This morning was equally blessed....and the muddle equally evident. We started well. St M's takes its ritual quite seriously, - but it's very hard to retain a dignified bearing when the whole procession has to go into reverse because habit has taken the advance party down an aisle leading to nowhere, thanks to to building work! It's a sight and a half, I tell you, a crucifer, acolytes with candles, the whole works shuffling slowly backwards in a confined space, while singing
"All my hope on God is founded".
And so it went on, so that singing "Just as I am" at the Offertory gained a new, comic potential...Just as we were this morning was clearly not quite as ordered as might be desirable...but with lots of God about the place, which is infinitely preferable.
The sermon went better than expected too (thanks in the frequent large measure to Dylan) and all in all it was a good morning.


Sally said...

oh dear, that is great- I'm sure God smiled!!! I am so grateful He unravels my muddles!

Songbird said...

I suppose it's good our hope is in God and not in our own sense of direction!

RevDrKate said...

I am imagining and laughing so hard...and I so needed to laugh....thank you for sharing, it paints a dear picture, especially with the sound track in my mind!