Monday, March 17, 2008

And so Holy Week begins

In previous years I have tried to write something thoughtful, or offer you a suitable poem or prayer for each day of Holy Week. This year, just getting through the next 7 days feels sufficiently challenging. It was always going to be an emotionally charged experience (after all, that's what Holy Week is) but the charge has been increased substantially thanks to my imminent move.
Of course, this has also introduced a counter-subject to the fugue, in the form of all the practical stuff that I could and should be getting on with...
So I may not manage much blogging as we go along (and if I do, perhaps you ought to ask me what I'm intent on displacing)...but I read this last night just before the Blessing at Evensong and thought it bore repeating. It's by Ruth Burgess, whose writing always hits the spot for me, and is publishes in the Iona Community's "Eggs and Ashes"

We tell your story
We follow in your footsteps
Lead us into Holy Week.

We walk towards the city
We wait in the garden
Lead us onto Holy Ground.

We journey towards death
We hope for resurrection
Lead us into Holy Joy.

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