Sunday, March 09, 2008

Manic weekend

Apart from the curtains, this weekend has also featured
  • My final CME with the other curates - which started, alarmingly, with me presiding at a Eucharist...for 35 assorted clergy.Given that the theme of the day was leading worship, you'll appreciate that this felt rather like submitting to a liturgical version of the Eurovision Song Contest (specially given 3 delightful visitors from our link diocese in Sweden!). Incredibly hard to get myself properly into the liturgy and become un-selfconscious....but a lovely thing to have been asked to do nonetheless.
  • My final stint as on-call chaplain for the two hospitals...No sooner had FabBishop started to talk to us about leading informal worship than my mobile started vibrating...could I go to Cheltenham hospital urgently (we were on the edge of Gloucester). Of course I could, and arrived in time to pray and anoint....then back to the training day.
  • Home to start a sermon for Evensong - but called out again ( to Gloucester - naturally)...such holy ground...such a privilege to be allowed to walk there...but hard and sad too
  • My 58th (and last) baptism at St M's....I baptised J's big sister 2 years ago, and they are both Little Fishes so it was wonderful to be able to complete this bit of ministry with them

I came home from Koinonia wondering why I should feel so weary...but guess it is something to do with the extremes of emotion that are a constant at the moment. Bedtime now, I think....and tomorrow my penultimate week begins. Oh my!

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Disillusioned said...

It sounds manic - and that in itself might possibly provide a clue to your tiredness...?

Thoughts and prayers are with you as you start these last special weeks.