Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today has been so good.
Productive morning, excellent lunchtime meeting, transformative session with the world's best SpirDir, and tonight the Taize service I'd put together around the Experience Easter stations.

After a slow start, with the congregation hesitant about engaging with the activity at the first station, it settled into a comfortable rhythm of reflection, action, chant and some truly wonderful space.Sitting silently together in the chancel when we'd finished singing "Eat this bread, drink this cup" was one of the most intense experiences of God's presence I've had at St M's - something to carry with me on the onward journey.

As we clustered around the cross, the words I'd chosen only last night were suddenly a perfect expression of the course the day for me.

O Christ
You take upon yourself all our burdens
So that freed of all that weighs us down
We can constantly begin to walk anew with
lightened step,
From worry to trusting,
From the shadows towards the clear flowing water,
From our own will to wards the vision of the coming Kingdom.
And then we know
Though we had hardly dared hope it
That you offer to make every human
being a reflection of your face.
(Brother Roger of Taize)


Sam Gamgee said...

Nice icon. :)

Under there... said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you for posting it. You have a wonderful blog!