Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't you agree

that this is the prettiest bicycle in Charlton Kings?

I took my final assembly at the Infants' School this morning and they presented me with the most beautiful basket of flowering plants...which I'll be able to introduce to the vicarage garden (which currently exists only in a state of potential) once we've settled in a little.
Some lovely warm things were said - but for me almost the best thing was the reminder that when I left Great Rissington behind me, on saying "Goodbye" to the village school I was certain that I would never feel so much part of a school community. How wrong - and that gives me huge encouragement as I contemplate the schools in my new parish, where I'm so much looking forward to making new links.

However, I have to say that my reputation for eccentricity received another boost this morn...Till you've seen a middle-aged curate cycling down the road with a basket full of flowers and a 3foot palm branch over her shoulder, you ain't seen nothing!


more cows than people said...

oh.. i'd like to see a picture of THAT.

yes... very pretty bike!

Sam Gamgee said...

Yeah, I'd like to see that picture, too! You are hilarious. I do so wish to meet you irl.

Songbird said...


Preacher Mom said...

Love that mental image! Wish I could have seen it myself!

Erin said...