Saturday, July 26, 2008

A "couldn't be better" Friday Five

As I may just have mentioned a couple of times, we are off to Polyphony on Monday as soon as I have reclaimed Hugger Steward from the baggage check at Gatwick - and, as one of the world's most disorganised packers, I know that four hours after we arrive I will have to gloomily admit what essential item I've forgotten this time. My RevGalPals, in an effort to alleviate this dismal situation, have given me a chance to decide on the five essentials without which I should not, would not, could not leave home...which probably means that I'll find I have none of them by Monday evening.
Dreams are free, however, so this is my list of the things that I absolutely positively can't leave home without

1. Digital camera - since its advent in my life, Biggles has been a source of huge pleasure, helping me to look more carefully and to make more of the world around me than I ever have before. I usually manage the camera, to be fair - it's the charger that may be stuck in my study!

2. Journal and pens - even if I write nothing, I always go hoping for the time and space to think.

3. Books - usually deeply frivolous for the boat, but with one "been meaning to get around to" added to the box for good measure. I raided the Oxfam shop yesterday and emerged with a huge haul of cheap and cheerful fiction, largely of the detective that mix I will add "Take this Bread" which arrived too late for me to join in the RevGals discussions a few weeks ago, plus just possibly one other from my "work to read" piles.

4. Tapestry - I only ever seem to do this when on retreat or at the boat so progress on projects is terribly slow, but it's a good way to pass the time while the world slips past at 4 mph.

5. Music - ipod now, walkman in days of yore...My own instruments are not easily portable, but I love that Hugger Steward took his flute to Africa, and have vivid memories of inter railing as a student, and sharing a railway carriage from Copenhagen to The Hook of Holland with Robyn from New Jersey, who played her flute for us to sing all day long.

Great forgettings include - my father's pyjamas, on a weekend break in the New Forest when I was a small child...he was quite a formal man, the product of his age, - so he didn't have a spare tee shirt in his luggage, and this was a Bank Holiday weekend in the countryside, so no emergency shopping options...I don't remember what the resolution was, just the appalled and muffled expletive as he emptied his suitcase
-the Dufflepud's sleeping bag (or was it Hugger Steward's?) on an early music residential
- my towel - too often to contemplate (I'd never survive in a Douglas Adams galaxy) and my flannel and hairbrush too when I went to India
I'll let you know when I return home what the Great Missing Item was this time! Just so long as it's not the dog food/leads/toys/beds....travelling with a puppy reminds me of travelling with a baby, except that the feeds are trickier!


marcella said...

You've reminded me to take my tapestry - something to stab at to which I am not related as the friend who suggested I start it called it.

Anonymous said...

happy packing - i always leave something of my own out even as I overpack for everyone else!! There's a life lesson there...

Chorus said...

Your list looks very like mine! I find that cross-stitch is a great airplane activity!

Crimson Rambler said...

Oh hilarity. You're reminded me of a family holiday long ago -- my parents used to take all four of their children intrepidly and spend two solid weeks on the road; they had learned that if they asked for a "salesman's room" in a motel we would get something like a suite, very spacious, with lots of room for folding cots, so we were all together. On this particular trip the younger generation were bedded down after a long day's drive; our parents went out for a walk, returning after we'd (stopped fighting and) gone to sleep. We were awakened in the pitch darkness by our father's imprecations as he tried to find his pyjamas -- and our mother's hoots of laughter. The next day we made a "retail stop" to rectify the omission. The only pair available in his size were violently patterned with he was referred to as "Dear Diamondback Dad" for the rest of THAT trip. Thank you, Kathryn I haven't thought of that for years.

RevDrKate said...

Hope you remember all vital items. Have fun on "teh boat" and get some rest!

DogBlogger said...

Love your Hitchhiker's Guide reference!