Saturday, July 12, 2008


Any techie wizards reading?
My desktop is being about as unhelpful as it knows how at the moment....running very slow indeed, and despite managing to download emails when I first boot up, it then can't summon the ooomph to stay connected - even though the icon claims "Connected - strength good".
My lap top is also a bit iffy in its connection, but that has been an issue off and on for some I'm reduced to using Marvin - the very elderly depressive computer that once belonged to my old office. Not being able to work at my desk and go online might be wonderful for my concentration but it's very bad for my temper - and of course, the little darling has waited till the week when I'm home alone until Thursday, as the Dufflepud is off on his final music department residential, LCM is mending clocks, and the globetrotters continue to trot around the globe.

So...if I don't respond to emails, post nothing anywhere and generally vanish from the ether for a while, it's probably not the fault of the number 11 bus but rather a case of my technological ineptitude finally catching up with me. It does make me cross though. As I said earlier, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

eta Oh no....Now it seems to have lost track of Hugger Steward's server and his website, despite the fact that the server is switched on and humming away merrily. He is going to be sooooooooo cross when he gets home (I can only hope that the stuff he has posted from Tanzania will reappear somewhere once he has managed to persuade his website to spring into action again, but I hae my doots.
Oh heck, oh dear, oh bother!


God_Guurrlll said...

oh I feel your pain. I had similar issues with my computer last week. I ended up resetting my internet explorer to it's default settings and it helped with the internet connection. Perhaps you have the same problem?

oh no, my word verification is qnqjnk. I hope it's not a bad sign.

peace and love,

Songbird said...

All I can say is I miss you and hope someone will help you soon!

Anonymous said...

not very techie but have had similar problems.. we use Zone Alarm and then we got an email from them which said latest Microsoft update meant the two weren't compatible without upgrading Zone Alarm! Upgrade and things got worse... at first but now things seem better!

Dayzeee said...

You could try a reboot of your modem connection to the internet. I find that if I disconnect my modem for ten seconds and then reconnect, I can get a new IP address.

Jonathan Hunt said...

hit it.

St said...

It's a Zone Alarm thing. I had it too. Fixed now.I can tell you how if you're still in trouble.