Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Synod update

I've just had a very helpful conversation with Someone Who Knows about most things in the C of E and am now clearer on the provisions to be made for traditionalists. As ever, Thinking Anglicans has the best roundup of all reports and comments...but here's the short version.
There will be nothing enshrined in law, no more alarming Acts of Synod that proclaim women's ministry tainted and dangerous to the purity of Anglican orders...rather there will be a code of practice so that priests and parishes who are unable to accept the episcopal ministry of a woman will be protected. My guess is that many of these will leave - but despite this, that the Church of England will be richer and healthier as the gifts of those women called by God to episcopal ministry are released for the service of His Church.
So, not a perfect outcome but the best that we could achieve in the current situation. Thanks be to God!
Now there's "just" the small matter of the Lambeth Conference to negotiate...so please dont, whatever you do, stop praying!

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jo(e) said...

Sending prayers. It sounds like progress is being made ....